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Dr. Bolida - Junho 2011

Dr. Bolida - Logótipo
Three become one

Dear integrators,

Hope everything is fine. I had been staying with Trisha, my wife's best friend, last month. I recommended her to upgrade her CCTV system to IP via the new video server, VS8801, of VIVOTEK. I think you might also be interested in it.

Trisha gave me a quick tour of her factory.

"Trisha, looks like you are doing quite well" I said.

"Thanks, Doc. Did you notice the surveillance system that I have in my factory?" She asked.

"Of course, actually it's the first thing I noticed." I replied.

"You must have noticed that it's an analog system and I have been thinking about transferring to IP system, but I can't just throw away the analog cameras." she said perplexedly.

"I think our new 8-channel Video server, VS8801, can solve your problem." I said.

"I already thought about it. Wait, did you say 8 channels? I thought you only provide 1-channel video server." I saw a spark in her eyes and then disappeared. She said "But, I have more than 45 cameras, I still need 6 video servers and that require a lot space."

"We had already thought of a solution for you. Didn't you have a rack mount shelf?" I asked.

"Yes, I still have it. But, what's the point?" She asked.

"We provide a rack mount kit which can combine three VS8801 into a 1U unit. You only need 2U of shelf space to setup 6 video servers." I answered.

"Really? You have to show me how." She said excitedly.

"Sure" I said.

Dear Integrators,

Hope this will also be helpful to you. If you are interested in VS8801 and the rack mount kit, you can find more product information on VIVOTEK's web site. See you!

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